Tulista Park Boat Launch

The boat ramp at Tulista Park is owned by the Town of Sidney. Through a User's Agreement with the Town of Sidney, the Association provides members to assist boaters at the ramp each Saturday and Sunday from the long weekend in May to, and including, the long weekend in September each year.


Launch and retrieval of a boat costs $10.00 and is paid through the Launching Machine Ticket Dispenser which takes coins, mastercard or visa as payment. Purchased tickets are to be displayed face up on the dash of your vehicle. There is signage on the site explaining the parking rules for the site. Individuals may purchase an annual launching and retrieval pass for $180 + GST = $189 at the Town of Sidney offices.


When using the boat ramp, please ensure you adhere to the following rules:


  1. Buy your launch ticket prior to launching and display on vehicle dash. If you have a Launching/Retrieval Pass display it on you vehicle dash.

  2. Alternate a launch with a retrieval.

  3. Load your boat with all of your equipment PRIOR to launching.

  4. Turn off your vehicle’s headlights if possible when at the boat ramp at first light, dusk or at night.

  5. Check the tide tables to ensure you can launch or retrieve your boat as launching or retrieval may be difficult at very low tides.

  6. Move your boat after launching down the wharf to make room for other boats.

  7. Move your vehicle, after retrieval of your boat, to the parking lot to prepare your boat and trailer for the trip home.



Before you take your boat out either for a leisurely boat tour or for fishing you should:


  1. Be prepared for the unexpected.

  2. Check and monitor the marine forecast.

  3. Tell a responsible person where you are going, when you plan to return and give them your vhf handle, boat name and boat number.

  4. Be sure you have current charts for the area you are going to be in and know what the tides are and when.

  5. Give your boat and your trailer a visual inspection before heading out, including but not limited to checking and testing your battery, checking your fuel levels, ensuring your plugs are in and secure, and verifying you have life jackets for each person going out, a manual bailer, a floating heavy line, two paddles, an anchor, and a whistle, horn, flashlight and flares.